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"The first time we toured our home we knew it was the one.  It felt much more like a custom home than any other new construction homes we saw on the market.  The colors, design and finishes were all so unique and well thought out.  You can tell that Jason and Liz put a lot of thought into each home.  After closing they were great to work with and very attentive to anything we needed.  I highly recommend Haynsworth Custom Homes."

Kale & Aubrey 

"I knew from the moment that we walked into a Haynsworth Custom Home that it was meant for our family. The quality, details, and understated elegance were exactly what I would have done if we were building from the ground up. Liz and Jason put a lot of thought into the flow, both for living and entertaining.  They are easy to communicate with and respond quickly. Our family could not be happier and plan on staying in this house forever-if we had to move, HCH would be building our next home!"

Sherry & John 

"We searched the Dallas market for 2.5 years for a perfect house for our family.  Within 10 minutes of walking into the Haynsworth Custom Home, we knew this would be our forever home.   The attention to detail in every single corner is unmatched by anything else we have seen on the market.  The fixtures and finishings are exquisite.  People always remark on the light fixtures, mirrors and hardware, and we love telling them that we simply moved in.  The creativity was all HCH and we just get to enjoy their hard work.  The home has modern touches but is traditionally beautiful in such a way that it will never be outdated.  We are going to love this house in 5, 10, 15 and 20 years.  Jason and Liz are lightening responsive and such a joy to work with on the finishing details.  We are so grateful for the incredible work of HCH!  We would say we will use them again in the future, but we never plan to leave this house!"

Casey & Scott 

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